Stainless steel tailpipes SOIETA TECH. 100% stainless steel. Approved.
Choose from our universal stainless tips SOIETA TECH. 100% stainless steel. Our products are suitable for operation on the road. Stainless steel weld tailpipes and with clip. You can choose from 17 types of endings on welded tips and 10 types of endings with clip.
SOIETA exhaust TECH are made from stainless non-magnetic stainless steel and are another element, that can make your car look better.. Vaše vozidlo bude poté vypadat daleko lépe než s sériovým výfukem. Ušlechtilá nemagnetická nerez, ze které jsou koncovky vyrobeny, má výbornou odolnost vůči korozi. Weld fittings are welded to the original pipe and fittings are simply buckle přimontovat.Materiál stainless non-magnetic stainless steel

Product stainless steel weld terminations SOIETA TECH
Product stainless steel end caps with clip SOIETA TECH

Installation of welded stainless steel tailpipes

To improve your car visually and audio page, then tip from stainless SOIETA TECH s.r.o. the right choice.

Preparing for installation

It is necessary to note especially, How big hole in the silencer have in your bumper Available. If you selected tip into the prepared hole fits seamlessly, it's a simple procedure. It is however possible, that you have a hole in the rear bumper to enlarge, recommended angle grinder and then modify the surface with sandpaper, Be careful to paint.

installation tips

Attach a new tip on the body of an old shock absorber, where the pipe comes to check, what you need length. If you need to shorten terminal, Perform shortened to the desired length. Tip should not extend beyond the contour of the vehicle. disconnect the car battery. Weld end body exhaust.