Ford Focus combi (2x90 mm)

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Sports stainless steel exhaust Combi Ford Focus (2 × 90 mm)
Illustration picture, only the shape of tailpipes reflects the fact.

Stainless steel sports exhaust homologated rear part of the car Ford Focus combi. Exhaust comes with connecting pipes, brackets and mounting parts (terminals, spacers, screws)
Including the approval E8.
Part of the exhaust is: 2 pieces clamp ø58mm, connection tube approximately 60cm, aluminum spacer ring D5, D6, D7


  • 1.4i 16V – 55kW – FXDA, FXDC, FXDD, FXDB
  • 1.6to 16v - 74kW - WILL, FYDH, FYDC, Fyda, FYDB
  • 1.8i 16V – 85kW – EYDC, EYDD, EYDG, EYDB, EYDL, eats, EYDE, EYDJ, EYDF
  • 2.0i 16V – 96kW – EDDD, EDDF, EDDC, EDDB


  • 1.8 TD – 66kW – C9DC, C9DB, C9DA

The exhaust is designed for the following vehicle models

vehicle typeyear of productionkWHPCCMcylinderfuel typemotor codes
1.4i 16V10/98 – 11/04557513884gasolineFXDA, FXDC, FXDD, FXDB
1.6i 16V10/98 – 11/047410015964gasolineWILL, FYDH, FYDC, Fyda, FYDB
1.8i 16V10/98 – 11/048511517964gasolineEYDC, EYDD, EYDG, EYDB, EYDL, eats, EYDE, EYDJ, EYDF
2.0 16V10/98 – 11/049613119884gasolineEDDD, EDDF, EDDC, EDDB
1.8 TD10/98 – 11/04669017534dieselC9DC, C9DB, C9DA

Ford Focus první generace

Ford Focus je produktem americké automobilky Ford v nižší střední třídě. První generace vozu se vyráběla mezi roky 1998 until 2004.

Ford Focus I combi, Source Wikipedia, autor Rudolf Stricker
Ford Focus I combi, Source Wikipedia, autor Rudolf Stricker

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Mark vehicle

Vehicle model

Tailpipe design

Petrol engines

1.4i 16V - 55kW, 1.6i 16V - 74kW, 1.8i 16V - 85kW, 2.0i 16V - 96kW

Motorizace diesel

1.8 TD – 66kW

Production of the vehicle

1998 – 2004

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Ford Focus combi (2x90 mm)
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Our products are marked with the E8 (circled), which indicates the continued conformity of product properties with the relevant homologation ECE regulations. The exhaust fitting or receive the homologation sheet. More information here.


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