Headers for Alfa Romeo 75 2,0 TS

These leads will provide more power to 5, 5kW (8 HP).
The leads are made of chrome steel and are supplied with all the necessary parts and seals.
The leads are designed for Alfa 75 2,0 TS(162B).
If the offer is interesting for you, contact us. We're shipping across Europe.
Svody Alfa 75 2,0 TS

The price of manifold is 499 € Inclusive of tax.

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Car models Alfa Romeo, for which they are intended temptations

ModelVintagekWhorsesEngine capacitycylinderfuel type
Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 TS01/87 – 02/9210714919624gasoline
Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 TS Cat05/85 – 02/9210914819624gasoline