Reliable people behind every step

Every member of our team leaves an unique imprint of their work on each piece produced.

Thanks to the diligence and responsibility of the whole team, you can count on premium long-lasting quality of the products.


We are a family run business

In our team, everyone understands something different, so we complement each other perfectly.

Together we create a pleasant home atmosphere and we appreciate the work is our hobby.


The principal pillar of the company

People are undoubtedly an essential pillar of the company

Whether it’s welders who can create amazing pieces of metal or metal sheets, an administrative team that prepares all the documentation for products dispatch, or a director who personally oversees the entire production process, we all create a complete puzzle where each piece has its place.

Some tasks cannot be performed by machines and it is necessary to use human skills, ingenuity and individual approach.


We respect the nature

We are aware of the importance of harmony between human and nature and we want to contribute to elimination of the impact of production processes on the environment.

For us work is the other home and therefore we are interested in creating harmonic work environment with feeling of family background.

That is why in our company you will also find a garden full of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables, but also turtles, chickens and especially thousands of bees.


We respect the power of tradition

Sharing experience between generations creates a unique strength and ability to face increasing challenges. Currently the third generation builds on the knowledge of the previous ones.

However, with present-day technology, we gain far more opportunities than ever before, and as a result we are able to produce more efficiently, faster and meet demands of much larger market segment.

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Babice 30 
78501 Sternberk​ 
Czech Republic

+420 731 294 690


SOIETA TECH is family run business based in the Czech Republic. The current portfolio covers the whole spectrum of products from stainless steel exhaust systems, stainless steel trims to aluminium ramps, license plate pads and others.